Baby Friendly Hotels

The Baby Friendly brand is clients’ guarantee that they can safely accommodate themselves in a given hotel with their children and use the dining facilities with them. Every hotel designed to be Baby Friendly has a certificate of proof.

Orea Resort Devět Skal*** Bohemian-Moravian Uplands
Orea Resort Horal**** Giant Mountains
Orea Resort Horizont*** Bohemian Forest
Orea Spa Hotel Monty**** Marianske Lazne
Orea Resort Sklář**** Giant Mountains
Orea Resort Santon*** Brno

Hotel Facilities

  • Easy access around the hotel
  • Play space, subject to the conditions of the given hotel or restaurant
  • Babysitting available for a fee
  • Animation program in the play space (in accordance with what the given hotel can offer)
  • Basic children’s hygienic supplies available for purchase
  • Baby monitors available for use
  • Board games available for use
  • DVDs, including children’s movies for rent (for a fee)
  • Outdoor trampoline (during summer)

Restaurant Facilitites

  • 1 child's seat per 20 seats
  • Food heating service
  • Baby food for sale
  • Bowls and spoons for sale (or available for use)
  • 1 leg rest per 30 seats
  • Children’s menu
  • Placemats for children + colouring books and crayons
  • Children’s cutlery
  • Several toys
  • Birthday parties
  • Animation programme (in accordance with what the given hotel can offer)

Pool Facilities

  • sale of baby swimming diapers
  • Baby swim diapers for sale
  • Swimming buoyancy belt
  • Baby changing room in the locker room
  • Changing counter
  • Inflatable ball to play with
  • Animation programme in the pool (in accordance with what the given hotel can offer)

Room amenities

  • 1 cot per 30 rooms
  • Potty available for use