Bohemian-Moravian Uplands

The Bohemian and Moravian Uplands are mainly famous for their unspoiled and untouched nature. You may still walk through the forests for hours without meeting a single living soul. A part of the region was declared the Protected Landscape Area of Žďárské vrchy (Žďárské Hills - 500 metres above sea level) whic has ideal conditions for practising all kinds of sports, above all hiking and biking. The Bohemian and Moravian Uplands are called the land of artists. It is related to names of a number of painters - Chitussi, Slavíček, Kremlička. Significant sculptors Jan Štursa and Vincenc Makovský come from the town of Nové Město na Moravě.


Žďárské vrchy (Žďárské Hills)

This forested hilly region rising in the norther part of the Bohemian and Moravian Uplands is situated between the towns of Hlinsko, Žďár nad Sázavou, Nové Město na Moravě and Polička. The area is traversed by the river Svratka and there is also the European watershed that leads the rivers to the North and Black Seas.

The highest peak in the Žďarské Hill area is a gneissic rock - Devět skal (Nine Rocks) - 836 metres above sea level. There are more similar gneissic peaks in the area and you will be brought to most of them by the marked trails. These observation places, such as Malinská skála, Lisovská skála, Dráteníčky, Čtyři palice, Milovské Perničky or Pasecká skála offer wide views of the landscape for you to enjoy. The rugged landscape of Žďárské vrchy (Žďárské Hills) is like a varied mosaic of forests, meadows, pastures, fields, torrents and ponds. It is interwoven with an irregular network of balks, rutted roads, groves or groups of trees and bushes. The landscape is shapely undulating, exactly the way genuine upland should be. You will see deep spruce forests, flat and wide valleys, gentle and gradual slopes and round peaks. As to the climate, Žďárské vrchy are rather windy, cold and humid. It is also a place where a lot of Czech and Moravian rivers have their sources - Svratka, Doubrava, Sázava and Chrudimka. It was declared Protected Landscape Area in 1970 and there are other 49 smaller extra-protected areas. The most famous reserves in the area include Velké Dářko and Žákova hora.


This little village, which is situated in the very heart of the Žďárské Hills, has an ideal position for year-around vacation and relaxation amidst beautiful nature.

The village of Milovy is situated on both the riverbanks of Svratka, in an area where the river constitutes a natural border between Bohemia and Moravia. In the history there was a settlement that started to expand after 1740 due to the construction of a blast-furnace works producing iron; later on a production of spirits was established here. In 1935 a tourist hotel was built giving rise to recreational use of the area.

The OREA HOTEL Devět Skal was erected in 1989 as the most fashionable hotel in the area. It is situated right on the bank of Milovský pond, which is a superb bathing place in summer. Milovy is an ideal staring point for walking tours around the most beautiful parts of Žďárské vrchy. Whether you decide to follow the tracks of the folk architecture to Blatiny, Krátký and Samotín or go for a hike in the rocky formations - in the southwest there is an easily accessible peak ridge of the Žďárské vrchy and the rocks of Devět skal, Lisovská skála, Malinská skála and Dráteníčky. North of Milovy there are marked hiking trails which will bring you to rocky formations of Čtyři palice (Four Clubs), gneissic rocks popular with climbers; from their top there is a beautiful view of the central ridge of Žďárské vrchy and another kilometre further north there is a rocky formation of Milovské Perničky which is a protected natural monument. We could go on enumerating countless beauties of this region so why don't you better come and see for yourself!!

In case you plan to stay in Milovy, OREA HOTELS offer a quality accommodation at OREA HOTEL Devět skal hotel that is prepared to fullfil all the hotel guests’ wishes. Hotel Devět Skal is located in to the Ždár nad Sázavou and Nove Město na Morave that have a lot to offer for those who are interested in architecture and history.

Resort Devět Skal Vysočina

Resort Devět Skal Vysočina ***

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The hotel resort is situated in a recreational area at 600 m above sea level, in the Žďárské vrchy Protected Natural Area, very close to Milovský Lake, which offers swimming and fishing. The hotel is an ideal convention venue and base for outdoor activities and teambuilding given its location.