All hotel chains strive for co-operation among their hotels and the resulting cost savings in marketing and other areas. The hotels in the chain are ideally located across various regions and in significant tourist resorts. The chain requires that all of its business units offer a quality product. In the era of globalisation FRANCHISING seems to be the easiest form of associating hotels.

It for these specific reasons that the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS chain has been, since 1999, offering individual hotels the opportunity to become part of the chain through franchising in the Czech Republic and abroad. Today, there are 9 franchised hotels and the number is increasing every year.

We understand franchising as a business partnership that contributes to the economic, quality and image growth of the contracting partner. The hotel maintains its legal status and the system of franchising makes it possible to combine the family character of the hotel with the benefits of a global hotel chain. The contract reads that the franchisor (OREA HOTELS s.r.o.) is obliged to provide expertise, access to technologies and a variety of services (see below). The contracting partner is thus able to share the franchisor’s knowledge and experience, benefit from the image and marketing power of the franchisor’s trade mark and become a part of the reservation system.

OREA HOTELS s.r.o. offers prospective franchisees professional help in the process of joining the chain as well as during their full-fledged membership – including quality standards introduction, economic consultancy and quality evaluation.