Hotel Integration Practice

1.    Pre-entry audit of your property (one-day visit to your hotel)
2.    Resultant recommendations for required improvements to the hotel, enhancement of hotel services, staff duties and production and organisation procedures.
3.    Draft of the Franchising Contract
4.    Signing of the Franchising Contract, entrance fee payment
5.    OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Standards implementation phase (approx. 3-day assistance in the hotel)
6.    Entrance audit, OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Quality Standards adherence check-up

If at least 80% of the conditions are met, you will receive an OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Quality Certificate and become a full-fledged member of the chain by:

  • Introducing your hotel on the chain’s website, reservation system, leaflets, fairs, supplier’s programmes, marketing programmes, etc.
  • Paying monthly fees until issuance of your OREA HOTELS & RESORTS quality certificate