Orea Hotel Voroněž - tips for trips

The Lednice-Valtice Area
Discover the landscape of romantics! Travel from Brno by motorway in the direction of Bratislava, exit at Podivín and take the road to Lednice. Visit the Lednice chateau, walk through the beautiful park which is complemented by a number of Romantic-era park structures, or “follies” (John's castle, the Minaret, Aqueduct, Diana's temple, Three Graces and others); from there, travel to Valtice where you can see the chateau, the former residence of the Lichtenstein family. Continue your journey through Mikulov to the Pálava hills.

Slavkov Battlefield - Kroměříž
Depart in the morning in the direction of Olomouc/Slavkov. At Slavkov, you can take a tour of the battlefield sights from 1805 and the chateau and visit an interesting museum about the Napoleon wars. Continue your journey to Kroměříž to see the beautiful archiepiscopal chateau with its renowned gardens (a UNESCO site). The chateau also includes the historical archiepiscopal winery, the only producer of communion wine in the country. We highly recommend a visit (communion wine is available for purchase).

Moravian Karst
Visit the Moravian Karst and the well-known Punkva Caves. A cruise on the underground section of the Punkva river will certainly be an extraordinary experience. You can also see the renowned Macocha Abyss, which you can reach via funicular from the Punkva Caves or on foot along an interpretative trail full of interesting karst landscape features.

Porta coeli Tišnov - Pernštejn castle
Travel to Tišnov for a tour of the famous Porta coeli Monastery (guides available for hire). Continue through Nedvědice to the fairy-tale Pernštejn castle. This castle will definitely enchant you with its medieval appearance.