OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Franchise Benefits

1. Sharing of expertise:
By virtue of the Quality Standards, which determine the range of services, furnishings and staff standards, experience is transferred to the franchisee, guaranteeing clients the same level of standards throughout the hotel chain. It is the obligation of each member hotel to observe and continuously revise the Standards. The Standards are designed in line with generally acknowledged requirements and trends in the industry addressing the entire range of potential issues in hotel operation.
The chain INTRANET is an important tool for sharing expertise. Subject to password protection you will find all the information concerning events in the chain here. The Intranet is accessible via the web network.

2. CRS – Central Reservation System
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS has its own reservation system available to every new member. It enables online connectivity among all members of the chain, enabling them to offer and sell their products through the Call Centre, point of sale in Prague and websites of other members of the chain and contracting partners, and to become a commission agent for other member hotels. This system enables a standard form of interaction with clients and also allows for presentation of action offers – packages of services. It is the obligation of the members to be active in using this system, updating information, responding timely to inquiries and adapting to the terms of payment set by the chain. Communication hardware and connection costs are borne by the chain.

3. Marketing support:
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS has an elaborate marketing strategy which aims to establish the company on both the domestic and foreign markets. The Marketing Strategy also contains the media and promotion plan as well as a plan of participation in travel trade fairs. These events are frequented by the employees of the chain’s marketing department along with hotel employees. Travel trade fairs are an opportunity to promote and sell products of all the hotels in the chain. Marketing support also includes:

  • OREA HOTELS CALL CENTRE services - online booking.
  • Direct across-the-counter sale in the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS centre of sales.
  • Membership in the reservation and information system.
  • Membership in the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS loyalty programme Plus & Senior Pass.
  • Inclusion in the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Directory (3 language versions). (Distributed to all rooms and hotel receptions).
  • Inclusion in the exhibition chain leaflet (4 language versions). (A4 format, distributed during fairs and other PR events).
  • Representation and distribution of hotel folders at European travel trade fairs.
  • Mutual promotion in all hotels of the chain.
  • Provision of the main OH stand for hotel reception.
  • Free hotel advertising (hotelGuide, travel sites, etc.).
  • Inclusion in about 30 OREA HOTELS & RESORTS partner programmes.
  • Advertising in the OREA REVUE chain magazine, which is available to all guests of the chain, i.e. 260,000 people per year. The magazine is distributed to all 3,000 rooms and reception areas and serves as promotion material at trade fairs.

4. E-marketing:
Electronic marketing and web reservations have become very popular in the travel industry lately. OREA HOTELS & RESORTS offers a number of products that individual hotels would not be able to offer on their own:

  • Website and website statistics for your pages.
  • On-line and off-line web inquiries.
  • Central presence on major domestic and international websites.
  • CRS – Central Reservation System also available from the web, see 3.2.

5. Business operation consultancy:
The OREA HOTELS & RESORTS Quality Standards are the major operation guidelines. Monthly comparisons and follow-up analysis of ratio indices of all the hotels make it possible to compare the hotels according to various criteria – performance, profitability, cost-effectiveness, etc.
Being a member of the chain offers hotels the opportunity to make use of general agreements with major business partners, recommended strategies for working with travel agents and the defaulter database. To improve the profitability and cost-effectiveness of production, it is recommended that members of the chain use modern and time-tested practices complying with valid hygienic, fire and labour-law regulations.
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS professionals offer members assistance in solving problems concerning supply, storage, logistical support, repairs and reconstructions.

6. Common purchase policy:
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS keeps a database of reliable suppliers of services, technologies, hotel equipment, goods and raw materials. This database is constantly updated and available to all members of the chain on the Intranet. Thanks to the strong negotiating position of the chain, members have the opportunity to purchase goods and raw materials at very reasonable prices, and some of the contracts even include cash-back bonuses for the hotel when bulk purchases are made by the entire chain. Partners include producers of major commodities such as Coca-Cola, Nowaco, Pilsner Urquell Brewery, Unilever, Sving, OP Prostějov, Johnson Diversy, along with telecommunications companies including Czech Telecom and Eurotel.

7. Training programmes:
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS offers its employees an elaborate training plan. This plan is designed to eliminate shortcomings, handle expected changes to the binding norms and regulations and introduce new working, sales and marketing methods. The plan also includes educational programmes for hotel managers. A certain amount of training, depending on the extent of cooperation, is provided to franchised hotels free of charge.
The chain also provides training of external hotel industry staff through its OREA ACADEMY project.

8. Human resources planning strategy:
OREA HOTELS & RESORTS makes it possible for its members to use an elaborate system of human resources planning, including career and stabilisation programmes, a motivational remuneration system, and recommends reliable human resources agencies. Members may also draw upon pre-defined job descriptions and employment contracts. To define the responsibilities of the staff OH Quality Standards are indispensable.

9. Analysis of a hotel’s economic situation:
Upon request by a chain member, the franchisor’s professionals can carry out an economic audit of the member’s hotel, evaluating and analysing profitability and cost-effectiveness indices and recommending solutions to improve the current economic situation of the hotel. The fact that a given hotel’s effectiveness can be compared to a number of other hotels in the chain is a huge advantage.

10. Internal and external audit system:
OREA HOTELS s.r.o. regular checks on the functioning of hotels on all levels, focusing mainly on the quality of services rendered, Quality Standards adherence and brand promotion. Checks are carried out by the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS employees as part of the annual audit and there are also at least two external anonymous audits per year.
A detailed internal audit system requires mandatory internal procedures which enable better supervision of movement of goods and sales integrity.