OREA HOTELS & RESORTS is seeking business partners

OREA HOTELS s.r.o. operates the largest Czech hotel chain, OREA HOTELS & RESORTS, managing 16 hotel properties located all over the Czech Republic in the most attractive destinations. The hotels operate under the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS EXCLUSIVE and OREA HOTELS & RESORTS CLASSIC brands. OREA HOTELS & RESORTS offers almost 4,200 beds and are visited by 290,000 guests a year.

OREA HOTELS s.r.o. was established in December 1992 with the ultimate goal to expand OREA HOTELS & RESORTS accommodation capacity in the Comfort, Superior Comfort, First Class and First Class Superior categories. We offer franchising or management contracts to hoteliers and investors. We strive to establish long-term business relationships with reliable and stable partners. We offer our partners comprehensive knowledge of the hotel market and high level of services and guest care standards in the hotels we operate, due to our Quality Standards System.

OREA HOTELS s.r.o. is a member of the CIMEX GROUP. In cooperation with CIMEX GROUP real-estate and consulting firms, we provide services such as consulting, financing advisory, facility management, reconstruction planning and implementation, as well as tenant and buyer/seller relationship management.

We seek new business partnerships with established hotels owners in:

  • Attractive Tourist Destinations
  • Spa Resorts
  • Business Destinations
  • Municipal Areas
  • International Destinations

We offer:

  • Long-term cooperation via franchising agreement or management contract
  • High standards of service and guest care
  • Expertise and brand name of the largest hotel chain in the Czech Republic
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the hotel property market
  • Purchase and Sale Experience of our team of experts
  • Consulting and Advisory for owners and investors

Please do not hesitate do contact us:

Infoline: +420 261 304 577
e-mail: info@orea.cz