If you are our regular guest or would like to become one, and you are age 55 or older, then do not hesitate to join our prestigious OREA HOTELS & RESORTS SENIOR PASS Programme. The programme is designed for valued guests who enjoy OREA HOTELS & RESORTS service on a regular basis and are interested in our exclusive senior programme.

By joining the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS SENIOR PASS Programme, you become a valued client for whom we have a number of exclusive benefits that you are sure to embrace, whether you come on holiday, to visit a spa or travel for health restoration or physical therapy purposes. You will be entitled to a 20% discount off the rack rates for accommodations and board in any of the OREA HOTELS & RESORTS. You will be eligible for attractive offers for seniors. The benefits and discounts are available in OREA HOTELS & RESORTS only; they are not applicable at travel bureaus or other tour operators.

If you are interested in joining this attractive programme, all you need to do is to fill in the application form and hand it in to the reception of the hotel at which you are staying or send it to the address below. We will send you your personal OREA HOTELS & RESORTS SENIOR PASS through registered mail within one month.

The card is transferable, so you can lend it to relatives and friends who are 55 or older. One card is valid for discounts for up to 4 persons at one time. The discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, i.e. packages or special offers which are already discounted. Your discount is applicable  in OREA HOTELS & RESORTS only. It is not applicable with agents offering our services.