Pet Friendly Hotels

The Pet Friendly symbol gives clients the guarantee that they can stay at a hotel with their four-legged friends without any hassles and also enjoy the dining facilities with them. Pet Friendly hotels can be identified through the Pet Friendly certificate.

OREA Hotel Devět Skal*** Bohemian-Moravian Uplands
OREA Hotel Excelsior**** Marienbad
OREA Hotel Horal**** Giant Mountains
OREA Hotel Monty**** Marienbad
OREA Wellness Hotel Santon*** Brno
OREA Hotel Špičák*** Bohemian Forest

Compliance conditions:

  • Dog walking area that includes a waste receptacle and garbage bags
  • Bowls available (of various sizes)
  • Dog food available for purchase (and at least a minimum amount for cats)
  • Stand with a bowl of water outside the hotel
  • Dog towel for cleaning paws after a walk if it is wet outside
  • Dog blanket available to use as a bed
  • Dog-themed promotional items available for purchase (bag container, Frisbee, travel bowl, ball, etc.)
  • Dogs are allowed into selected dining facilities

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Pet Friendly Hotels
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