Prague is called the Mother of Cities. As early as Middle Ages this ancient city, famous for its history and beauty, was famed for its attributes such as golden, royal, of a hundred spires or the crown of the world. The Prague Castle and St. Vitus' Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Jewish cemetary, Astronomical clock on the Old-Town Square - those are just a few of the witnesses of the past that you will see at each step you make in Prague. These and the other pearls of architecture make Prague to be the most beautiful place on the earth. The inimitable character is mainly created through the harmonic conjunction of the past and the living present. The economic, political cultural and social metropolis of the Czech Republic invites the lovers of history, culture and/or romantic retreats.

In Prague, OREA HOTELS offer a comfortable accommodation in the OREA Hotel Pyramida that is located near to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus´ Cathedral. The combination of the luxury accommodation at OREA HOTELS near to the most beautiful places of Prague forms excellent scenery for unforgettable holidays in the Czech Republic.

Hotel Pyramida Praha

Hotel Pyramida Praha ****

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Orea Hotel Pyramida Praha ****, a member of OREA HOTELS, the largest Czech hotel chain, welcomes you to Prague. Our employees are ready to ensure you have a quiet and pleasurable stay. Your satisfaction is our priority.