South Bohemia

South Bohemia ranks among the biggest and most popular tourist areas in the Czech Republic. The beauty and diversity is likely to enchant each and every visitor. There is something for everybody – ancient towns, Gothic churches, re naissance castles, monasteries, monuments of folk architecture, interesting technical structures including ingenious pond systems, deep forests… The region of South Bohemia is a very popular tourist destination not only because of its natural beauties, but also for the plentitude of historical monuments, spa resorts and good conditions for cycling and water sports. A considerable part of the area is covered by forests and ponds, which are often part of the protected areas and biospheric reservations The position of the region predetermines its cultural heritage – the cultural impact of the rough Germanic and Anglo-Saxon north met here the fine art of the Italian Renaissance masters. Among the most beautiful cities belong Česke Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jidřichův Hradec and Tábor that are worth to visit. If you wish to spend a pleasant holiday, South Bohemia should definitely be among places you will choose from.


The town of České Budějovice is the economic and cultural metropolis of South Bohemia. The town was founded in the 13th century and the regular plan in view of the town, whose centre is dominated by a large quadrate main square, is the height of the medieval town planning in Bohemia. Nowadays the main square of Česke Budějovice is lined with baroque burgess houses and arcades. In the 19th century the first horse-drawn railway from České Budějovice to Linz (Austria) became the European unique railway of its kind.

The town of Český Krumlov is called the pearl of South Bohemia. The historical centre of Český Krumlov has rightly been listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1992. The Castle of Český Krumlov – one of the biggest castles in the Central Europe - is definitely worth visiting. Brisk tourism and advanced services make Český Krumlov a top tourist destination.

Jindřichův Hradec is the natural centre of South-East Bohemia – with its typical panorama of the castle and the stately home high above the Vajgar pond. The ancient historical town of Jindřichův Hradec is a popular destination for holidaymakers. The castle here is well worth visiting, but so is also the Regional museum, which houses the biggest moving crib (Nativity scene) in the world – known as Krýza’s crib.

Tábor is the second biggest town of South Bohemia. The foundation of the town in the 15th century is closely connected with the Hussite movement and Jan Žižka. This strong historical tradition shows up to the present day. In the Middle Ages a network of underground tunnels was built under the town, some of which are open to public. One of the sights includes the water reservoir Jordán, which is the oldest reservoir in the Central Europe.

All of the South Bohemian cities – České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jindřichů Hradec or Tábor offer a great variety of accommodation. OREAHOTELS offers luxury accommodation for reasonable prices.

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This four-star hotel in the historical centre of Jindřichův Hradec is within walking distance of the castle and the chateau. The hotel is comprised of Renaissance buildings and newly constructed accommodation facilities.