South Moravia

Pálava is one of the Czech Republic's primary destinations for tourists, who are drawn by the attractive and unusual landscape as well as the local history, monuments, and hospitality of South Moravia. The summit of Devín Hill, which provides a diverse range of natural environments and fine long-distance views, has always been the most visited site of South Moravia. Knowledge of the region's history can be obtained from the exhibitions in the Regional Museum in Mikulov and in Dolní Vestonice, and also from individual sites, such as the Devicky and Sirotcí Hrádek castle ruins, the "Monument of Rural Architecture" in Pavlov, and the "Safeguarded Town Monument" in Mikulov. More detailed understanding can be gained by visiting the numerous historical monuments which are scattered throughout the Pálava.



The city of Mikulov is one of the most beautiful historical towns at the beginning of Palava Hills. The panorama of Mikulov town is dominated by a Baroque Chateau. These days you can find unique displays and exhibits in the Mikulov chateau's halls and cellars. The outstanding wine-making exhibition with the historic Giant Barrel rank among the most interesting. Mikulov was the second most important centre of Jewish Culture in the Czech lands throughout medieval times. Here is the unique Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Quarter with an instructive trail and Synagogue with exhibition devoted to the Jewish settlers of Mikulov. The other places of interest in Mikulov: The Dietrichstein Tomb, Holy Hill and Historic Town Square.

Lednice-Valtice area

Lednice-Valtice is well known area that is at UNESCO list, is full of architectural jewels, romantic nooks and unique nature. This landscape has been sensitively shaped over the centuries by man to provide beauty and entertainment. At the end of the 18th century, the Liechtenstein family began to create a unique manmade noble landscape complex - the Lednice-Valtice Area.

Lednice - the Neo-Gothic Chateau with an extensive park. All reoad in the Chateau park lead to the Minaret.

Valtice - the town surrounded by vineyards, wine matures in the cellars of the Baroque Chateau.

One of the inseparable part of South Moravia is the good wine and the visits of wine cellars. The visitors can visit small or big wine cellars and taste the delicious Moravian wines.

Hotel Iris Pálava

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The Orea Hotel Iris Pálava is situated amidst the picturesque South Moravian landscape in the wine-growing village of Pavlov, on the banks of the Nové Mlýny reservoir, the largest water body in Moravia and a very popular fishing and water sports centre at the foot of Pavlovské Hills, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.