Spa & Wellness

Our range of wellness, relaxation and therapeutic packages and health, stress and obesity programmes for men and women, executives and seniors has been expanding in response to their growing popularity with our clients. At OREA HOTELS, spa treatments and relaxation centres help restore your health while the preventive treatment offered by our professionals helps you improve your health - all with pleasant relaxation as a bonus.

Wellness and Relaxation

OREA HOTELS’ relaxation and wellness centres are the ideal way to enjoy free time during poor weather. They offer a pleasant bonus to your holiday by restoring your body and relaxing your mind, e.g. after attending a convention or engaging in sports activities or just as an extra to your stay at the hotel. After enjoying the sauna, peat massages, floating, Roman steam bath or whirlpool, your body will experience a total feeling of rest and rejuvenation. Do not hesitate to visit the relaxation and wellness centres in our hotels.

Curative Programmes

Some OREA HOTELS offer curative programmes with treatments prescribed by the spa doctor and tailored to your needs according to the results of an initial medical examination. Professional masseurs and nurses provide physical therapy and rejuvenation through classic, partial, reflexology and full-body massages. Underwater massages, bubble baths, paraffin and other treatments are also available. The hotel doctor and head nurse are ready to help you choose the right treatments to suit your needs and advise you on medical problems. Guests may choose between all-inclusive therapeutic and relaxation programmes, or opt for a single treatment just to bring some variety to their stay at the hotel.

Beside spa treatments and a pleasant environment, all of our spa and wellness hotels offer you active leisure, cultural and social activities. OREA HOTELS offer a great variety of wellness and spa packages for young couples, seniors, families etc.

Resort Sklář Harrachov

Resort Sklář Harrachov ****

Giant Mountains map
tel: +420 481 560 111, e-mail:

The OREA Resort Sklar resort is located in a quiet setting at the forest’s edge about 700m above sea level. The hotel lies within 5 minutes’ walking distance from the centre of Harrachov.


Spa Hotel Monty Mariánské Lázně

Spa Hotel Monty Mariánské Lázně ****

Marienbad map
tel: +420 354 619 111, e-mail:

Orea Spa Hotel Monty, a unique hotel with a rich history and a beautiful view, is located in a wooded area near the centre of Marianské Lázne. This location was known in the early nineteenth century as a Friendship Look-out Point where people gathered and enjoyed their pastimes.


Spa Hotel Palace Zvon Mariánské Lázně

Spa Hotel Palace Zvon Mariánské Lázně ****

Marienbad map
tel: +420 354 686 111, e-mail:

The Orea Spa Hotel Palace Zvon**** in Marienbad offers guests the best combination of 4-star hotel comfort and a central location in the city of Marienbad.


Resort Horal Špindlerův Mlýn

Resort Horal Špindlerův Mlýn ****

Giant Mountains map
tel: +420 499 433 351, e-mail:

The Orea Resort Horal is located at the foot of the Kozí hřbety (mountain ridge) 900 m above sea level, near the Svatý Petr ski resort.


Spa Hotel Bohemia Mariánské Lázně

Spa Hotel Bohemia Mariánské Lázně ****

Marienbad map
tel: +420 354 610 111, e-mail:

The hotel is located in the centre of Hlavní třída (Main Street), 300 m away from the spa colonnade, Singing Fountain and centre of spa life.


Resort Horizont Šumava

Resort Horizont Šumava ***

Bohemian Forest map
tel: +420 376 365 111, e-mail:

The Orea Resort Horizont and Orea Hotel Špičák are located about 800 metres from each other on the southern slope of Pancíř Hill, 1,100 m above sea level, in a protected area of the Šumava region along the border with the Šumava National Park.


Resort Santon Brno

Resort Santon Brno ***

Brno map
tel: +420 546 124 444, e-mail:

The OREA Wellness Hotel Santon is located near the Brno dam and offers ideal conditions for recreational activities and exercise.


Hotel Anglický Dvůr Mariánské Lázně

Hotel Anglický Dvůr Mariánské Lázně ****

Marienbad map
tel: +420 354 610 111, e-mail:

This apart-hotel is situated in the central part of Hlavní třída (Main Street), 300 m away from the spa colonnade, Singing Fountain and centre of spa life.


Hotel Concertino Jindřichův Hradec

Hotel Concertino Jindřichův Hradec ****

South Bohemia map
tel: +420 384 362 320-2, e-mail:

This four-star hotel in the historical centre of Jindřichův Hradec is within walking distance of the castle and the chateau. The hotel is comprised of Renaissance buildings and newly constructed accommodation facilities.


Hotel Iris Pálava

Hotel Iris Pálava ***

South Moravia map
tel: +420 519 515 310, e-mail:

The Orea Hotel Iris Pálava is situated amidst the picturesque South Moravian landscape in the wine-growing village of Pavlov, on the banks of the Nové Mlýny reservoir, the largest water body in Moravia and a very popular fishing and water sports centre at the foot of Pavlovské Hills, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.