The Zlín region

The centre of the Zlín Region is the City of Zlín, whose history dates back to the middle ages. The first written reference comes from 1322. An important milestone for Zlín was the establishment of the Baťa shoemaking company in 1894.

Beyond Zlín, in south-eastern Moravia, on the border of three geographic regions, Haná, Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia), and Valašsko (Moravian Walachia), you can find the City of Otrokovice. Archaeological finds from Otrokovice show that the first people inhabited the place in the early Stone Age.

The Zlín Region also boasts one of the country’s most significant spa towns: Luhačovice.  The Luhačovice spa is fed by 16 mineral water sources and one sulphur spring that benefit the entire body.



Otrokovice does not boast an abundance of architectural marvels, but the city can offer visitors a great number of interesting trips in its surroundings.

The Hostýnské vrchy and Vizovické vrchy highlands are particularly attractive. The forests in Chřiby offer a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. And also worth a visit is the Tlumačov Regional Stud Farm, where horses have been bred for centuries. Otrokovice is generally known thanks to its tyre-making plant – Barum Continental.

Buchlov and Buchlovice

Buchlov Castle, visible from afar and unmistakeable, boasts splendid views of the Zlín Region. Especially in recent years, Buchlov Castle has acquired the reputation of a cultural centre.

Few people who visit the country’s best preserved castle miss the opportunity to make a stop in the neighbouring town of Buchlovice, where they can see a no less beautiful chateau. Buchlovice also boasts the fact that it was once one of the most significant Baroque aristocratic seats in the country.

The Traditions and Customs of Moravian Slovakia

Closely related to the Zlín Region and Moravian Slovakia are folklore and folk traditions. Today, one can admire the beauty of folk costumes and the adherence to traditions and customs during folklore festivals, many of which have attained international renown. Among the most popular traditions of the Zlín area is the annual carnival called “fashank”, which takes place in late February or early March.

Naturally, you will see a carnival parade of dancers, musicians, and masks. To see the best whirl of masks, go to Kyjov or Stráni. But the most famous and oldest tradition is the ‘Ride of the Kings’ -- the procession of a royal entourage accompanied by many riders on decorated horses is still very popular.

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