Unique offer for Sunday

Unique offer for Sunday
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Rate Code: BPKG4
Rack Rate Discount: 75%
From - To: 18. 2. 2012 - 21. 12. 2014
Avoid the Monday stress of early-morning travel after a magical weekend We can offer accommodation, including standard services, all taxes and local charges, and a bountiful breakfast buffet at the three-star OREA Hotel Voroněž II.
  • We can offer this indescribable comfort and convenience for your business trips and holiday flights from Brno Airport
  • We will prepare a packed breakfast for you if you are checking out of the hotel early in the morning
  • Reservations on-line on our WebPages or at the hotel
    tel: 543 142 020, fax: 543 211 966, e-mail: voronez2@voronez.cz

We look forward to your Sunday visit


Datesperson / Sunday night

01.01. – 26.12.2012

850 CZK