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H t l
D ti ti
o e
es na on
OREA Hotel Anglický Dvůr ****
OREA Hotel Bohemia ****
OREA Hotel Excelsior ****
OREA Hotel Horal ****
Giant Mountains
OREA Wellness Hotel Horizont ***
OREA Wellness Hotel Iris ***
OREA Hotel Monty ****
OREA Hotel Palace Zvon ****
OREA Wellness Hotel Santon ***
OREA Vital Hotel Sklář ****
Bohemian Forest
South Moravia
Giant Mountains
S & W ll
pa e ness
• The offer of our wellness and relaxing and therapeutic stays,
health, stress and obesity programmes, for men and women,
managers, directors and seniors has been expanding ever
since becoming more and more popular with our clients. In
OREA HOTELS spa treatments and relaxation centres
restore you to health, thanks to preventive treatment our
professional will help you improve it, and a pleasant
relaxation will come as a bonus.
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