Czech Orea hotels to invest half a billion. Orea Hotels & Resorts

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Czech Orea hotels to invest half a billion.

Your phone opens your hotel room!

The leading domestic hotel chain Orea Hotels & Resorts, owner of Prague’s Hotel Pyramida and a string of mountain and spa hotels, is investing half a billion crowns into modernization and staff.


The chain will modernize at least four of its hotels: the Pyramida, the Horal in Špindlerův Mlýn, the Voroněž in Brno and the Horizont in the Šumava. The bill for refurbishing room interiors, technology, and staff training will run to some 500 million crowns.


Hotel guests will soon be able to open their rooms with their mobile phones, not a key, Orea Hotels & Resorts director Gorjan Lazarov said. At the beginning of the year the chain began accepting payments in bitcoin. An upgrade to its website is coming soon.


Reconstruction work on hundreds of rooms at the Hotel Pyramida in Prague’s Břevnov district just ended, and a makeover for the congress hall will begin soon. Orea is working with prominent architect Barbora Škorpilová on the remodeling of the Hotel Horal.


“Our next step is redesigning the bar at the Sklář in Harrachov. We’re also developing projects for the Santon in Brno and the Devět skal in the Czech-Moravian Highlands, which should get under way late this year,” Lazarov disclosed.



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