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1) What should I expect on arrival? What about testing? 

We provide accommodation for everyone who meets one of the following requirements:

– negative POC antigen test result not older than 72 hours or negative PCR test result not older than 7 days (testing of children under 6 years of age is not required)

– At least 14 days have elapsed since the application of the second vaccine dose (in the event of a single-dose scheme, 14 days since application).

– Guest recovered from Covid-19 no longer than 180 days ago.


 2) What if I can’t meet any of the aforementioned conditions? 

Don’t worry. We can provide you with a limited number of tests at the hotel, but for fast and convenient check-in we prefer to have the test result with you.


3) Testing children? 

Children under 6 years of age don’t have to prove negative test results. For older children, we need their statutory representative’s affirmation that they were tested 72 hours ago at the most. Alternatively, testing on the spot is possible.


 4) Do we have to wear respirators? 

Yes, please be considerate of the other guests and – as required by the Czech government – wear a respirator in the hotel outside your room.


 5) Wellness Centre?

Our wellness centre is open under the current conditions for wellness facilities.


6) Served food or buffet style? 

Everything is prepared for you in the form of a buffet with service.


 7) How can I check hotel occupancy? 

We have made this much easier for you. All you need is go to, where you can find a yellow button BOOK ONLINE in the upper right-hand corner. Enter the date(s) and the hotel name and you will see everything you need.


 8) How can I book? 

The best and easiest way is booking on, where you can find available dates as well as prices. Or call the phone number for the particular hotel’s reservations (see below).


9) Are there also facilities for children?

Yes, each of our resorts has a Kids Club and large playing zones with animation teams, which prepare all-day programmes for your children.


10) Can I change my reservation?

Yes, all our hotels offer summer stays which may also be cancelled according to the particular hotel’s conditions.


11) Do you have a question that is not answered here? 

Please, call and ask us. We will be happy to answer your questions. 🙂


Contact information:

OREA Resort Santon +420 546 124 444,

OREA Congress Hotel Brno+420 543 141 111,

OREA Resort Devět Skal+420 566 585 111,

OREA Resort Sklář+420 481 560 111,

OREA Resort Horal+420 499 463 451,

OREA Spa Hotel Cristal +420 354 610 146,

OREA Spa Hotel San Remo +420 354 610 146,

OREA Spa Hotel Palace Zvon+420 354 610 160,

OREA Spa Hotel Bohemia +420 354 610 160,

OREA Hotel Pyramida +420 233 102 111,

OREA Resort Horizont a Špičák +420 376 365 111,,

OREA Hotel Angelo +420 234 802 301,










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