The New OREA Introduces Its New Logo Orea Hotels & Resorts

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The New OREA Introduces Its New Logo

OREA Hotels & Resorts has introduced its new logo, which is part of many changes in the largest Czech hotel chain.

Last year OREA went through a lot of innovations and significantly changed its face. After the company invested in a new design of hotel interiors and purchased modern technologies, its new logo, created by CREAM PRAGUE and graphic designer Babeta Ondrová, is another logical step.


The graphic designer’s task was to come up with a minimalist image reflecting the new face of OREA Hotels & Resorts and expressing the essence of what OREA represents. The central theme of the logo is meeting others, which is very typical of hotels. What people will feel from the new logo at first sight is a helping hand and a friendly approach on the part of the staff.


The logo was created by graphic designer Babeta Ondrová, who studied typography and book graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and has won many awards for her graphics and advertising work.


“Babeta quickly and easily understood the goal and essence of OREA’s rebranding and she managed to express it unusually as well as simply in the new logo,” says Petra Kůlová, OREA Hotels & Resorts Marketing Director, about the cooperation.


“Looking for a theme for the logo, I simply considered the services that hotels provide and the guests’ expectations. The resulting idea was that the connection between the people who meet and communicate at hotels is the most important thing, which is why I captured it in the logo,” Babeta Ondrová explains.


The time when logos were descriptive pictures is over! The new OREA logo has a modern design, is playful and follows the latest trends. There are more versions for different communication purposes. It uses a simple Grotesque font and makes a calming and elegant impression. The important thing is its simplicity and attractiveness as well as the fact that it remains well imprinted on the retina. Thanks to its timeless and subtle blue and grey colour, it can go together with any background.


OREA Hotels & Resorts continues its innovations. The company has invested in changing the interiors of its hotels, which it keeps reconstructing. It has come up with a new concept of catering for both big and small congresses, called the Art of Meeting, which puts emphasis on variety, presentation and the human factor. Its Pyramida Hotel in Prague was the first in the Czech Republic to employ Pepper the robot as a concierge. In its resorts the company also takes its youngest guests into account, so it has created giant playrooms for them. At weekends and every day of the summer holidays there are also rich animation programmes for children. OREA is working on providing more new technical equipment for its guests. For example, they will soon be able to recharge their electric cars at new charging stations in hotel areas. OREA is also making its offer more varied and it has recently purchased two more four-star hotels in Mariánské Lázně.

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