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A family company with a tradition of many years offers a wide range of handmade smoked products including Bavarian specialities. It continues the traditional production of well smoked Šumava specialities, which have a unique taste. We make traditional Šumava specialities as well as other smoked products without large-scale production technologies. Traditional handmade products mean returning to high quality. Our meat comes from the clean environment of the Šumava foothills.

Orea Resort Sklář Harrachov

Filoun Buttermilk

Filoun Farm, owned by the Šourek family, is situated on the southern slope of Filoun Hill (578 above sea level) above the village of Plavy in the Jizerské hory (Jizera Mountains), Liberec Region, and is focused on organic breeding of Holstein cattle. All the farm’s milk is processed in our own organic dairy. We specialise mainly in producing cottage cheese, butter, buttermilk and soft (“fresh”) cheeses. The organic Filoun Buttermilk, which is made as a by-product in the churning process, has a high nutritive value and increased content of essential fatty acids and aids digestion. Fat content: max. 1.5 %.

Orea Resort Santon Brno


We have worked in the foothills of the White Carpathians Nature Conservation Area, on the Slovak border, since 1996. We are an organic farm with a considerate approach to the land and good conditions for animal housing and breeding. Besides crop and animal farming we focus on making our own organic milk in a small dairy, we run a bakery and a distillery and we are planning to build our own packing house to process meat products.

Orea Hotel Voroněž Brno


The company Hadač a Zapletal was founded in 1994 and it specialises in supplying fresh pork and beef and meat products. Our range of products is so wide that there is really something for everyone. In 2015 the quality of our products was acknowledged by the Czech Consumer Association, which gave our company, in cooperation with the Regional Governor, the “Satisfied Customer – South Moravia” award.

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