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Discover the most beautiful places in our country with OREA HOTELS & RESORTS!


Orea Hotel Pyramida Praha ****

Orea Hotel Pyramida **** is located in Prague's Strahov district, which is just a few...

Marianske Lazne

Orea Spa Hotel Palace Zvon Mariánské Lázně *****

This beautiful 19th-century Art Nouveau hotel is located in the very heart of Marianbad and...

Marianske Lazne

Orea Spa Hotel Bohemia Mariánské Lázně ****

This Art Nouveau hotel is located in the centre of Marianbad, just 300 metres from...

Marianske Lazne

Orea Hotel Anglický dvůr Mariánské Lázně ****

If you would like to take advantage of our hotel services, while enjoying as much...

Giant Mountains

Orea Resort Sklář Harrachov ****

Orea Resort Sklar **** is just a 5 minute walk from the famous Harrachov ski...

Giant Mountains

Orea Resort Horal Špindlerův Mlýn ****

Orea Resort Horal **** offers mountain enthusiasts active relaxation and serenity in all seasons. It...


Orea Hotel Voroněž Brno ****

This friendly hotel has the largest congress centre in the region with state-of-the-art technical equipment...


Orea Hotel Voroněž II Brno ***

Orea Hotel Voronez 2 *** is located near the Brno Exhibition Center, is wheelchair accessible,...


Orea Resort Santon Brno ***

Orea Resort Santon*** is located within the greenery on the banks of the Brno reservoir....

Bohemian Forest

Orea Resort Horizont Šumava ****

The freshly renovated Orea Resort Horizont **** is your ideal holiday destination for hiking, cycling,...

Bohemian Forest

Orea Hotel Špičák Šumava ***

Orea Hotel Spicak *** is located in Zelezna Ruda on the southern slope of the...

Highlands region - Žďárské vrchy

Orea Resort Devět Skal ***

Orea Resort Devet Skal *** is located near the Milovsky Pond, which is near the...

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