Inhalation & oxygen therapy


Inhalation make use of mineral water which improves the function of the lining of air passages, has anti-inflammatory effects, liquefies mucus and facilitates expectoration. The mineral water may be complemented by medication for heavy dispnoea, natural salts for catarrhs of upper respiratory tract or herbal infusions.


Oxygen therapy

Inhalation of air enriched by 40 to 60% oxygen, which moderately humid. Inhalation of the mixture is applied using original masks or nasal catheter. Long-term administration of oxygen eliminates consequences of chronic hypoxia of the organism, increases endurance, improves physical fitness and mental performance, eases stress tolerance and eliminates their consequences, improves myocardial perfusion, helps to prevent coronary and cerebral events, stimulates brain metabolism, stabilizes blood circulation and some other pulmonary and cardiac functions, improves immunity. It acts as a complete regeneration treatment, prevention of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris, and increases immunity.


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