Wraps are suitable for regeneration and body cleansing. Wraps are spa treatments intended for instance for slimming down and body contouring, skin hydration and overall skin firming. Wraps are also used to relax and soothe aching muscles. This treatment will warm you up, cleanse and hydrate your body.

There are various kinds of wraps and the purpose of each kind of warp is usually included in the procedure name. There are for instance the slimming down wrap, relaxation wrap and detoxification wrap etc. The following are just a few examples of wraps that you can look forward to. And what are wraps good for? The effects depend on the kind of wrap you choose. The effects might be temporal slimming, firmer and hydrated complexion or relaxed muscles. It is also important to realize that wraps do not lead to permanent weight loss, but they may used in order to kick off a diet, which will lead to permanent results.

Each type of wrap has its limitations. Therefore, before any type of wrap, it is advisable to find out any of its negative effects and contraindication. Wraps are generally not recommended for persons with high blood pressure, heart diseases or eczema. Please talk to the therapist before any kind of wrap.


Peat wrap

Positively affects the renewal of skin cells, has antibacterial effect and boosts immunity. Thank to its composition this wrap improves blood circulation, the function of muscles and joints, supports faster absorption of haematoma, improves the healing of eczema, improves condition of the orange skin and is recently also proved efficient in the prevention of obesity.


Wax wrap

This is a thermal wrap from natural wax, which pleasantly combines gentle heat with aromatic scent. Positively affects the regulation of the heat in the body, beeswax contains a large amount of nutritious substances which make the skin soft and smooth. Application of this wrap is recommended to relieve pain in muscles and joints, rheumatic diseases, headaches and migraines.


Paraffin wrap

The wrap relaxes skeletal muscles, relieves spasms, reduces chronic pain, increases local blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition and healing.



A kind of thermotherapy which relaxes the muscles. Local application of heat stimulates the surface tissue, causes greater blood circulation, increases surface temperature and consequently relaxes internal organs. It speeds up the metabolism in tissue and takes away acid substances from the body.


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