Baths are treatments with relaxing or therapeutic effect


A massage bath in water carbonated with compressed air. The water has a temperature of 36°-37°C, the air is fed into a special perforated grate on the bottom of the bathtub under the pressure of 0.15 MPa. This bath helps with the following problems: diseases of the locomotive system and joints, rheumatism, chronic inflammation of the organs of the lesser pelvis, climacteric problems, insomnia, compulsive fatigue, neurotic problems, circulatory disorders, mental and muscle tension, excessive stress.


Carbonated bath

The bath is prepared by saturating water heated to 32-34 C by carbon dioxide from a pressure bottle. Lower water temperature is required in order to dissolve a sufficient amount of CO2. The initial feeling of cold is replaced by the feeling of pleasant warmth, which arrives in about 10 seconds. The water may not by stirred or swirled too much and the patient should move in the bath as little as possible to prevent excessive accumulation of CO2 just above the water level. Carbonated baths lower blood pressure, improve heart function and blood circulation.


Whirlpool bath

It is a gentle massage with whirling water. It is applied in the bathtub filled with water up to 1/2 or 3/4 with a constant temperature (36°-37°C). This bath helps to improve blood circulation in the limbs, activates skin receptors and releases muscle and joint stiffness.


Aromatherapy bath

During this bath the whole body is exposed to essential oils in natural healing water in order to achieve stimulating, sedative, relaxing or toning up effects depending on the type of essential oils used. Aromatic baths positively influences the locomotive system, alleviates muscle tension, and has painkilling effect.



An intensive underwater massage in a special bathtub when you body is massaged under water by gentle flow of water supersaturated by air or oxygen. This bath is suitable for treating musculoskeletal diseases, postoperative conditions, injuries of muscles and joints, functional nervous disorders, some vascular diseases and arthritis.


Peat bath

Peat bath consists of a mixture of peat and mineral water. Peat is rich in organic substances, especially in humic acid, tannins, waxes and enzymes. Its composition improves blood circulation (and thus warms up the body), it activates muscles and supports faster absorption of haematoma.


Underwater massage

Is applied to the patient, who lies in 37°C (36°-38°) warm bath in a large multi-purpose bathtub. The actual massage is performed using the energy of the water flow, which runs under pressure from 0.2 to 0.4 MPa (i.e. 2-4 atm.) The water flow is directed onto the body manually, from a distance of 10-15 cm and at an angle of 30°-60°. The intensity of the massage may be easily varied by changing the distance and the application angle. The massage helps to release tight muscles and connective tissue, alleviate pain and partially to relax joints.


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