Gas packs & injections

Gas packs

Dry carbonic bath (CO2) – applied to the whole body or a parts of the body (limbs). The patient’s body (or the limbs) are closed into a special plastic bag, which is inflated with app 125 litres of carbon dioxide, about 2l of which are absorbed into the skin surface. The medium is 95-100% carbon dioxide. The heat accumulated in the plastic bag and carbon dioxide is also humidified by perspiration. This pack improves blood circulation of internal organs, the brain as well as muscle tissue thanks to the dilatation of blood vessels (including the capillary tubes). The has beneficial effects on blood flow, blood supply of the myocardium and as a result improves the economy of heartbeat, drops blood pressure, improves blood supply in limbs and reduces swelling. This pack also has positive effects on cellulite complexion and accelerated skin healing.



Gas injection

Application of Maria’s gas to the subcutaneous in the area of ​​large joints and the spine. The treatment reduces pain, improves blood circulation and accelerates healing. This procedure helps in blood circulation disorders in limbs, ischemic heart disease, degenerative joint and spine diseases with painful syndrome.


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