A massage is a set of touches that help the body get rid of fatigue or to prepare it for load.

Relaxing massage

Gentle touches at a regular relaxing pace so that they cover rather a large area of the body.  The massage has a soothing effect and the client feels relaxed both physically and mentally.

Refreshing massage

This type of massage energizes the the body, which becomes more active, the touches are rather intense and quick and as a result a particular muscle or a group of muscles regains power.

Partial or complete classic massage

The massage improves blood circulation in the massaged area, supports the passage of surface veins and lymphatic vessels, relaxes stiff muscles and eliminates muscle tension, improves absorption of swelling and haemorrhages, improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain.  Furthermore, it improves circulation, brings fresh oxygen to body tissues, which helps eliminate waste substances, accelerates recuperation after injury and promotes healing.

Reflexive foot massage

The reflexive massage is based on mechanical action on hyperalgic zones that accompany diseases of internal organs. It is a set of special techniques and touches applied on foot.  This special technique can affect the function of internal organs and to redress balance in autonomous nerves. This massage helps to alleviate headaches, exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, depression, functional disorders of the digestive system, irritable bladder, climacteric syndrome and syndrome tired legs

Aromatherapy massage

This massage uses natural essential oils that have effects on rheumatic pains, and invoke muscle and complete relaxation. Before the massage, the essential oils are mixed with natural oil, which functions is their carrier. During the massage, you at first feel the aroma of the oils, but soon many other beneficial effect will arrive as well. The essential oils penetrate the skin better than vegetable oils and they get into the bloodstream in 20-30 min. Their effects on body last much longer.

Lymphatic drainage

Is a highly sophisticated treatment using a set of special touches and other manual techniques that help stimulate the lymphatic system and encourages the flow of lymph fluid back to the treated limb.  Ejection of the capillary bed occurs during the treatment, followed by improved blood flow through the arteries and also by improved lymphatic drainage. Improved circulation and improved lymphatic drainage in the limb leads to the reduction of swelling and reduction of chronic lymphatic edema as well as to improved blood circulation.

Sedative head massage

A great deal of energy is concentrated in the head and one’s face reflects mental problems. Long-term tightening of facial muscles causes premature wrinkles. The head massage helps prevent headaches and migraines.  In the mental and emotional sphere it also induces stress release and total relaxation.


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