Cycling routes

Cycle routes


OREA Resort Sklář in Harrachov offers ideal conditions for cycling thanks to its location. Take a bike ride through the beautiful mountainous landscape and enjoy the unique view from the Devil's Mountain. Our trails will take you to the most beautiful places that you cannot miss when visiting the Giant Mountains.  


To Jizerka 


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Route length: 24 km

Elevation gain: 410m

Route description:


Harrachov, Nový Svět. The beginning of the route is in Harrachov, Nový Svět, near the Motejlek hotel. From there take the main road through Janov to the crossroads at Mýto. At the crossroads by the petrol station, continue on the main road with a slight incline to the right until you reach the arched bridge over the Jizera River. After the bridge turn immediately right and follow the minor road to Kořenov. Climb past the Márt restaurant and the U Krbu guesthouse to the train station.


Kořenov, train station. From the railway station straight ahead and after crossing the tracks a longer climb to Horní Polubný. At the first crossroads - by the Sport Hotel - turn right and continue climbing along the local road to Václavík's Well at the top. Continue without turning to the car park under Bukovec in the village of Jizerka.


Jizerka, parking lot under Bukovec - Mořina. Through the car park, turn right towards the forest and follow the forest path, initially with a steep descent, to the railway bridge over the road.  Continue downhill to the first crossroads below in Kořenov. Here we turn left and cross the old bridge over the Jizera River between the cottages - we are already in the Valley of Hope. Almost all the way here from the car park under Bukovec follows the red tourist sign.


Kořenov, Valley of Hope.  On the way we continue to climb up to the forest and after the barrier we first climb steeply along the forest path to Mýtiny. This section of our path no longer follows the red trail. Further on, it is along the local road, which is already familiar to us.

Getting Started

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Length of route: 15.3km

  Elevation gain: 240m

  Route description:


Harrachov Nový Svět. The beginning of this route is in Harrachov Nový Svět near the Motejlek hotel. From here we climb slightly along the main road for about 150 m and turn left over the so-called Háb's Bridge over the Milnice River. Continue almost in the opposite direction along a minor road - first almost on flat ground and later on a slight incline to below the train station at Mýtyne. If you turn right at the top of the climb from the road under the railway viaduct - immediately left after it - you will arrive at the train station building /the road continues to the tourist crossing to Poland/.  Continue over the tracks and downhill under the station building to our original path.


Harrachov, Mýtiny. Continue straight across the car park - the road ends here - and after the cottage and garages by the forest turn right from the red tourist sign. After about 20 m of climbing, continue after the barrier by turning left. Follow the paved forest road to the Valley of Hope in Kořenov.


Kořenov, Valley of Hope. After descending to the straight road before the cottages, turn right to explore the Valley of Hope. The paved forest path runs almost along the contour on the left side of the Jizera River and in many places there are good places for swimming and sunbathing on large boulders in the river.  After arriving at the railway bridge - the road continues into Poland - we return to the cottages on the plain along the same route. Between the cottages, take the right path over the old bridge into the Jizera Mountains. At the first signpost further on - after about 150 m - turn left and then climb right on the road.  Follow the road up past the hotel Márt to the guesthouse U Krbu - it is about 150 m below the train station in Kořenov.


Kořenov, pension U Krbu. From the pension U Krbu continue along the blue tourist mark on the left. Follow the forest path to the Forest Cottage. Here we follow the asphalt local road - without signs - until we reach the main road below the local school. Turn left and follow the main road down to the arched bridge over the Jizera River. Just before the bridge, turn right and follow the local road down past the artificial intestine factory, Cutisin, to the fork below - above you can still visit the Rope Centre, you can see it across the river. Left then over the old bridge, again the Jizera River, to the Hotýlk na Mýtě - we have here the last possibility of refreshment.


Harrachov, Mýto. After Hotýlk na Mýto, take the road to the left and above the crossroads, take the main road to the right. A slight climb then through Janov /we can see here the drive to a small hydroelectric power station at the local sawmill/ to the beginning of our smaller circular route to Harrachov to Nový Svět.

Eastern circuit

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Route length: 25.2km

Elevation gain: 700m

Route description: 


Harrachov, Nový Svět. The beginning of this route is again at the Motejlek Hotel. We start at the main road at the crossroads by the Karolína Hotel. Here turn right across Harrachov to the bus station. Here turn right and follow the green marker over the bridge over the Mumlava River to Rýžoviště and then along the nice Krakonoš path, a longer gentle climb to the Ručičky crossroads.

Ručičky, crossroads.  At the crossroads continue by the kiosk on the right. We go first almost on the contour and later on a slight downhill and then uphill to the crossroads at Studenov. The forest paved path - the so-called Jan's Path - follows the blue hiking trail.


Studenov, crossroads. Behind the cottage on the plain, turn left and follow the paved path down to the Krásná vyhlídka (Beautiful View) crossroads below.


Option A 22.7 km:

at the hut in Studenov, directly onto the slope from Devil's Mountain and at the start of a gentle climb, turn left, then downhill to a sharp left turn below. On the right we can see the ski jumps and the town of Harrachov below us. Here this option joins the main route.


A beautiful viewpoint, a crossroads.  At the fork right and climbing past cottages in the forest, a part called Hleďsebe, without turning to a fork on the flat.  Turn right here for about 1.2 km to the ski jumps, later return to this crossroads. Here our route connects with the variant.


Devil's Mountain, the crossroads by the ski jumps. After seeing Harrachov from the perspective, we return to the crossroads below. From here we follow the asphalt road without a single step to the road in Janów. Watch out for the barrier across the road towards the end of this section. On reaching the road, take the next exit left past the sawmill in Genoa to Mýto.


Option B 20.8 km: follow the main road to the right to the start of our route.


Mýto, crossroads. At the crossroads turn left and then right between the petrol pump and the Hotýlek na Mýto. After the old bridge over the Jizera River turn right and climb past the rope centre, past the water, and above the Cutisin factory on the main road. Cross the main road straight ahead and turn right at the Sandra Hotel. At the signpost turn further right and cross the bridge to the cottages in Korenov, Valley of Hope. Follow the path between the cottages straight to the woods and beyond the stile, initially a sharp climb, to the Glade at the top.  From the car park under the train station at Mýtiny directly along the road. We go first on flat ground and later on a nice downhill to the beginning of our route.  

 The northern circuit 

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Route length: 35km  

Elevation gain: 680m  

Route Description:   


Harrachov, Nový Svět. The start of the route is in Harrachov, Nový Svět, near the Motejlek Hotel. It lies about 100 m above the sawmill and immediately starts climbing and above the barrier. On a nice tarmac path we keep climbing up to the signpost after three kilometres - Na Kamlu. Here take the green left almost to the tower of the mammoth bridge. Follow the path to the right up to the tourist slope above.  


Option A 32.6 km: by chairlift with bicycles /free/ to the top of Devil's Mountain. This will save you climbing 370 m in altitude. After a shorter ride down the slope, our paths join.   


Devil's Mountain, tourist slope. On the downhill slope, turn right to the signpost. Here again to the right and follow the blue hiking trail to Studenov. The path leads past the turn-off to Jan's Rock, almost following the contour line. But beware of the steeper descent towards the end of this section.  


Studenov, crossroads. At the crossroads behind the buildings, straight ahead, then climb gently and follow the flat road to the crossroads at Ručičky. This whole section follows the blue marker. Turn left after the kiosk and follow the green trail down to the first right turn after about 0.9km. Here turn right along the asphalt road, the so-called Kládová cesta, until you reach a fork further on in the Mumlava valley called Krakonoš's breakfast.  


Option B 17.9 km: from Ručice, take the green route down a long asphalt road, Krakonošova cesta, to Harrachov.   


Krakonoš's breakfast, crossroads.  From the crossroads, climb up the paved road towards Vosecká bouda - red marker. However, after 1.3 km we leave this one and turn left onto the Janouškova road - also Terex. Follow it alternately uphill and downhill to the main road leading from Harrachov to Poland. Follow the road to the right for about 300 m to the actual crossing into Poland. Here we can visit the shop instead of the original restoration.  


Option C 26.8 km: take the red road from Krakonoš's breakfast and descend to Mumlava waterfalls and then to Harrachov   


Harrachov- Jakuszyce crossing into Poland. A longer ride along the main road then to the beginning of our route.

Beer trail

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Length of route: 45,2km

Elevation gain: 865m

Route description: 


Harrachov, Nový Svět. The start of the route is again in Harrachov, Nový Svět, near the Motejlek hotel. From the main road go left on the side road and under the shop on the estate go right. Then cross the whole Anenské valley past the chairlift to Čertova hora on the road passing through Harrachov. Here turn right and at the beginning of the bus station turn right again on the bridge over the Mumlava River. From there follow the green tourist sign to Rýžoviště. From Rýžoviště continue directly along the nice so-called Krakonoš path first to the Zátiší u les restaurant and from there a gentle but long climb to the crossroads at Ručičky. This section also follows the green hiking trail. At the fork on the left, first a slight but long climb to Dvoračky.


Dvoračky, cottage. After the cottage, turn right on the red trail down a steep descent to the crossroads at Sedlo pod Dvoračky. Here, turn left on the green or straight on along a better path - but turn left when you reach the road.


Rezek, settlement, crossroads. After refreshments, turn right along the road, still on the green, to the end of the forest. Turn left here and then right again on the green. After Hejlov, turn right on a slight downhill from the asphalt road to the crossroads below in Bratrouchov. At the crossroads further on - 100 m below the large pension Omega, which is on the right side of the road - turn left from the green and then follow the road down to the main road by the Jizera River. Turn left here and after Hradsko - it lies on the right after the river - in a long left turn right over an old bridge - it can be seen from the road. Climb higher up the narrow road, but turn right on the yellow road. Follow the paved forest path to the ruins of Nístějka Castle - it lies just off the road.


Nístějka, castle ruins. After visiting the ruins, continue along the yellow road. The rocky road is not in good condition and we will probably lead the bikes partly. However, the steep climb is soon replaced by a better path and above we can turn right to Dykova skala - it is signposted. The road then continues, already with a slight climb, to Vysoké nad Jizerou.


Vysoké nad Jizerou, town. Drive along the road past the church to the museum and turn right into the square. Go straight across the square and later downhill, past the ski area in Šachtách, without turning to the crossroads in Sklenařice to the Mexiko restaurant. Continue straight on the road with a slight incline until the first crossroads above after about 1.5 km. Turn right here and go down to the next junction. Turn left here to the church and museum in Paseke.


Paseky n. Jizerou, settlement. Before the church, turn right and take the steep descent to the road that crosses it about 500 m below. Here, take the blue trail to the left, the so-called Planýrka, and follow the contour almost to the crossroads at Mýto. Then we take the well-known road to the beginning of our longer circular route.