Hiking tips

Glassworks Harrachov

The Novosad and Son Glassworks is a private glassworks, the second oldest in Bohemia. It was founded before 1712 on the Jilemnice estate of the Counts of Harrach. The traditional method of production has been preserved here.  
Museum of Glass Harrachov The glass museum is part of the glassworks. It contains a historically and technologically complete collection of historical glass from the production of the Harrachov glassworks.  

Harrachov Brewery

The microbrewery with a restaurant was built in 2002 directly on the glassworks premises and is adjacent to the main glassworks hall. From the restaurant it is possible to watch the glass production through a glass wall. It is also possible to go from the restaurant to the glassworks to the gallery above the red-hot furnaces, where everyone can feel the pleasant warmth.   

Ski museum Harrachov

Tradition of Krakonoš - glassmaking - forestry activities - mines - useful objects from the past - development of skis (universal, cross-country, jumps) - model of a giant ski jump - sports awards of our athletes.  

 Mining Museum in Harrachov

The Mining Museum and the viewing tunnel were opened in March 2003 on the level of the former adit floor. The museum contains samples of minerals from fluorite deposits, tools and equipment used in mining, maps and photographs documenting work on the local deposit. The sightseeing tunnel is about 1000 m long, the route through the typical ore mine environment is filled with gravel and illuminated, the average annual temperature is 10-12°C (visitors are recommended to wear warmer clothes).Visitors are equipped with a protective helmet and a raincoat and, in addition to the complete mining machine, they can see mining cars, a battery locomotive, a mine loader, etc. The guided tour lasts about one hour and visitors will learn about the work in the now defunct ore mines.  

Mumlava Waterfall

In the valley of the Mumlava River, about 1.5 km from Harrachov, you will find the Mumlava Waterfall, about 10 m high. It is one of the most beautiful and also the most massive in the whole Czech Republic. Just a few tens of metres upstream you will also find an interesting erosion formation - the so-called Giant Cauldrons - boulders and rock slabs with "bowls", which are further deepened by the current.  
  Krkonoše Museum Šindelka The exhibition is housed in a granite building known as Šindelka. Shingle roofing was produced here from the beginning of the 19th century until the 1930s. The last 60,000 shingles produced in 1934 were used on the old Elbe Lodge.

 Tanvald - Harrachov rack railway

The only rack railway in the Czech Republic is a unique cultural and technical monument. Trains on this line used to overcome several hundred metres of elevation and therefore used a rack and pinion on the steepest section from Tanvald to Kořenov. Few railways can boast as many "bests" as the Tanvald - Harrachov railway line in the Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains, which can be found in the timetable under the number 035. It is interesting not only for its unique construction design, but also for its rich history. It has become a regular destination for admirers of railways and technical monuments from all over Europe and in 1992 the section Tanvald - Kořenov was declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.