Downhill Skiing


We have prepared some information for you about the possibilities of cross-country and down-hill skiing within 25 kilometres of the OREA Resort Devět Skal.


In the vicinity of the OREA Resort Devět Skal you can go skiing in the following ski centres: Ski Areál Jimramov (about 11 kilometres away), Ski Areál Svratka (about 6 kilometres away) and Ski Areál Harusák (18 kilometres away). In Jimramov ski centre you can use a 600-metre ski slope with an elevation difference of 90 metres. Another tip is the ski slope in Ski Areál Svratka, whose parameters will satisfy children and beginners as well as demanding skiers. Its elevation difference is 82 metres and its length is 400 metres. The third option is Ski Areál Harusák, whose slope on Harus Hill (Harusův kopec) is 550 metres long and its elevation difference is 110 metres. The upper cableway station is situated at 734 metres above sea level. The Leitner S2 cableway of 490 metres in length transports up to 1,400 persons per hour. The slope is covered with artificial snow by modern snow guns throughout the season and groomed by Kässbohrer PB 300 snowcat. The whole slope is lit, so you can enjoy night skiing as well. There is also a surface lift for children with a ski school next to it. The cable is 30 metres long and it can be found just under the cableway station.

Do you want to get a 10% discount? All you need to do is come to our reception while you are staying at the Devět Skal and our staff will give you a discount voucher for Ski Areál Harusák.


There are opportunities for cross-country skiers, too. There is a cross-country skiing track near Nové Město na Moravě, which consists of two sections: the first one, U Medinu, is 2.2km long and the following section, around Brožkův vrch, is 1.8km long. The track is groomed for both classic style and skate skiing. The other cross-country skiing trails are groomed once or twice a week, especially before weekends, but only for classic style.