Relaxation stays

More than just a spa

Mariánské Lázně is much more than just treatments and procedures. It is a lively town with a diverse selection of cultural events, great gastronomy and sports activities. Get to know the city from its very heart - the OREA Spa Hotel Cristal.

Culture in the city

The unique atmosphere of the city is complemented by a plethora of cultural events. From concerts and festivals to theatre performances, exhibitions and workshops to dance evenings. Cultural events have deep roots in the city, with some dating back to the early 20th century.

Spa gastronomy

Quality gastronomy is often the most enjoyable experience of the whole holiday. At the OREA Spa Hotel Cristal, you will enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at the start of each day with excellent coffee straight from the barista. Of course, you can also enjoy half board in the hotel restaurant, which is based on classic Czech cuisine with a modern twist. The sweet spot is offered in the historic hotel café with exclusive desserts, ice cream or coffee.

Hidden gems in the surroundings

The Singing Fountain, the Main Colonnade or the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade. All undoubtedly beautiful places that everyone should see at least once in their lives. But what about the lesser known, yet no less beautiful places in and around the city? Come with us to Hidden Pearls and visit places such as Svatošské skály, Mescery's Lookout or the Geological Park.

Active holidays and sport

Spa is not only about regeneration, treatment and rest. Choose from a wide range of sporting opportunities or activities. In the summer months, luxury golf courses, cycling tours, hiking or Nordic walking are commonplace. In winter, you can take advantage of the local ski resort, cross-country skiing trips or the local ice rink.

Natural healing springs

The OREA Spa Hotel Cristal boasts a truly unique hairdryer. Its own mineral springs. The Edward II and Augustin springs contain high levels of calcium, magnesium and iron. In addition, due to their high content of free CO₂ they are particularly suitable for carbonic baths, improve blood circulation, have a sedative effect and lower blood pressure.