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We believe that prevention is crucial for maintaining health, longevity, and quality of life. We therefore complement traditional spa care with a range of exercises and activities suitable for all ages, beginners and advanced. During your stay, you can spice it up with various outdoor and indoor activities guided by our experienced instructors. Nordic walking, face yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises - these are some of the ways you can improve your fitness and enjoy an active vacation with us.

Join our Activity program and experience an unforgettable stay full of movement, fun, and health.

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Indoor and outdoor activities in OREA Spa Hotel Cristal

3 exercises available every week (except Sunday)



*Changes to dates and programs reserved.


An ancient exercise and meditation practice that combines physical movements, breathing techniques, and relaxation. It is a path to improving physical health, strengthening the mind, and achieving harmony of the body and soul. 



A practice of focusing the mind and achieving calmness, clarity, and harmony. According to numerous studies, it helps in better stress management, improves sleep and emotional balance, enhances creativity, and reduces anxiety.


Breathing techniques

Breathing exercises are techniques that focus on conscious control of breath, bringing calmness and improving both physical and mental well-being. It can instantly influence our mental state, provide energy, improve posture, and enhance digestion.


Face yoga

Exercise focused on strengthening facial and neck muscles. Regular practice improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and creates a youthful appearance. Relaxation during the lesson is achieved using infrared masks, which improve skin regeneration, sleep, and increase collagen production.

Healthy Movement

Mindful walking, focusing on every step and moment. Helps reduce stress, increase tranquility, and reap the full benefits of the climate spa.



An exercise method that transforms the body through slow, flowing movements. It focuses on strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and achieving an elegant physique.


Functional Training

Exercise focused on improving mobility, strength, and body stability using everyday movements. It enhances physical fitness and cardiovascular health.


Nordic Walking

Active walking with poles. It evenly strengthens the muscles of the whole body, improves joint health, posture, and fitness. It brings joy and benefits of exercising in the fresh air.

Schedule of activities

MondayYogaNordic WalkingStrength Training
TuesdayHealthy MovementYogaBreathing Exercises
WednesdayFacial YogaStretchingMeditation
ThursdayBreathing ExercisesMeditationPilates
FridayFacial YogaStrength TrainingYoga
SaturdayYogaNordic WalkingFacial Yoga




* Program subject to change

Climatic spa


Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) is one of the 7 towns in the Czech Republic that can proudly bear the title of spa resorts.

Locations are carefully selected with regard to the condition and purity of the air, so that staying in them brings not only comfort but also beneficial effects for your respiratory system. The stay in spa resorts is often complemented by inhalation of the Forest Spring and drinking treatment using the Rudolf Spring.

Movement, health, spa

Even relaxation in spa can be an exciting adventure full of unforgettable experiences. In the unique location of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), you can try a wide range of activities that will elevate your leisure time to a new level.

Enjoy the natural beauty by walking, cycling, or cross-country skiing. Calm your mind with yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. Have you ever tried cold water therapy or simply treated yourself to a massage?

Experience the spa to the fullest!