Treatment by self-payers

Treatment, relaxation and holidays in the spa

Treat your body to beneficial therapeutic procedures and relax during a free weekend or a well-deserved holiday in spa facilities with a long tradition.

Spa treatment without prescription

Spa treatments at our hotel do not have to be prescription only. Explore our wide range of treatments and packages even without a recommendation from your GP. Our trained team of professionals will guide you through the entire process of your spa treatment - from the initial medical examination to the treatments themselves.

You can relax and regain lost energy in the hotel's wellness centre, where you can freely use the swimming pool with counter-current and massage waterfall, whirlpool or Finnish sauna and infrared sauna. For your maximum comfort, all wellness packages come with a set that includes a bathrobe, slippers and towel.

Exclusive holiday or weekend at the spa

The combination of maximum comfort and top services, which is further enhanced by the unique environment of Marianske Lazne, is a guarantee of an unforgettable holiday or relaxing weekend. No matter whether it is a family holiday or just a long weekend for two - the hotel and its surroundings have something for everyone.

Post-covid treatment

Long-term effects of Covid-19 may appear immediately after the illness, but in some cases may not appear until several weeks or months after the illness. Use local mineral water for the treatment of shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, which is applied under the supervision of your own medical staff by inhalation. This natural healing source greatly facilitates coughing and is also anti-inflammatory.


Mineral drinking cure

An important part of spa treatment. Rich cold mineral waters, gently regulate the stomach, intestines, urinary tract, kidneys and liver. Drinking a doctor-prescribed amount of mineral water before meals on an empty stomach increases the activity of minerals and their absorption into the body. Each spring has its own specific effects and healing mineral constituents.


Mineral baths

Right in the hotel you have the possibility to use the mineral baths in the hotel's own springs (Edward VII Spring and Augustine Spring). Due to their high content of free CO2, they have a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure, have a sedative effect and improve blood circulation.



A unique local natural healing source - mineral water - is used for inhalation. It improves the function of the respiratory mucosa, has anti-inflammatory effects, liquefies mucus and facilitates expectoration. Inhalation is effective to treat chronic allergies or the effects of colds and respiratory tract infections. Natural peat wrap A form of thermotherapy that has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. It strengthens anti-inflammatory and immune processes in the body, improves the function of cartilage, connective tissue and intervertebral discs.



A combination of dry mud, usually from local sources, and pure hard or paraffin oil. The mixture is melted and heated in a special apparatus and then applied to problem areas of the body. The heat from the topical wraps relaxes the muscles, works to relieve cramps, soothes chronic pain and promotes healing and nourishment of the tissues.

Paraffin wrap for hands

After disinfection, the hands are immersed in melted paraffin several times and then wrapped to maintain the optimum temperature for the duration of the treatment. This treatment helps relieve joint stiffness, chronic pain, aids healing and tissue nourishment. It also has a soothing immunobiological effect.


Gas injection

A procedure typical of the Marianske Lazne. By injection, the body is injected with the natural source of "Maria's" CO2 gas, which naturally bubbles up from the ground. The application of the gas into the subcutaneous tissue in the area of the large joints and spine results in many remarkable effects including pain relief, improved blood circulation to the area and accelerated healing.


Dry CO2 gas bath (gas envelope)

During the procedure, the patient is enclosed in a large plastic bag that is sealed under the arms. Maria's CO2 gas is then pumped into the bag and absorbed through the clothing and skin into the body, where it slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The gas also improves circulation and kidney function and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The gas is also known for stimulating the production of sex hormones, testosterone and estradiol, which is the reason for improved sexual function and relief of menopausal symptoms from women.